Documents icon under Windows

I read somewhere in the Xojo documentation than there is the possibility to automatically link documents to an application.
But I did it manually, I open the property of one of the document created by my Xojo application (my game ToroMind) and I choose my application as the owner of this document.
But Windows does not use the document icon I created in my file type, it use instead the application icon itself.
And I notice it is the same of the document Xojo Project.
In the capture attached, “SyncTwoFolders 2.4.6” is a Xojo project and “SMasterM-01” is a document of my game (game saved).
On Mac it works well, I see the document icon I created in FileTypes for my game, and my Xojo project have the document icon.

On the Mac, I see the Documents icons:

There are registry entries you will need to make to get your file associations correct on Windows… or build an installer for your app that creates them.

Thank you, I read that somewhere but I didn’t mark the webpage, I will search again. But Xojo didn’t make it as its document (projects) don’t use the good icon.