Documentation Transition From Real Studio To Xojo I Find a Bit Disappointed

When Xojo inc (Realsoftware) Released Xojo 2013R1. All the old documentation for Realstudio 2012R2.1 disappeared on there site. The current wiki server has only a live version of current release of Xojo and it’s not easy to go back in the wiki history to find the right information that apply to an older version of Realstudio or Xojo.

How can I find the information about SelShadow for Realstudio version ?

Would be nice if Xojo inc could install the Pdf extension for mediawiki so this could be used for creating a complete document of the “Language Reference” before every new release and the archived version of the “Language Reference” in pdf format could be find on

This will also solve some issues later when users don’t upgrade Xojo and still able to have the documentation in pdf format that apply to their version of Xojo.

I know you can get the off-line version of “Language Reference” from Xojo or RS by changing the Options in the IDE (Show local Documentation), but I find it easier to read on and sometimes I don’t have the IDE running when I want to search for some features

Wasn’t that deprecated ?
Or it was deprecated in Cocoa only ? But since Carbon is deprecatd too…

Also: didn’t you have the documentation [LOCAL] in your ‘old’ Real Studio ?
[Using it previously would let you issue tons of bug reports against the documentation.]

Did you ask XOJO about getting the old documentation ?

Been there done that - didn’t work