Documentation on new listbox enhancments?

I had a look at and and I cannot find any documentation for the new enhancements to the listbox. Until the documentation is written, the new improvements seem useless right now.

I am not complaining and I understand it takes time to write documentation but I was just wondering if this feature is any use to me YET? I cannot find any documentation on this. I am fine if it is work in progress but I was just wondering.


The new entries for ListBox.RowDepth and RowIsFolder are now on the ListBox page:

A green “(2014r3)” would help to find the two added entries.

I followed the link and had to go back here (search this entri in the forum) to get the two entries.

In the syntax line: “As Integer” and in the example line " = False" ???

The question is: Integer or Bolean

BTW: RowIsFolder (Row Is Folder )


RowIsFolder(row as Integer) as Boolean


RowIsFolder(row as integer, assigns value as Boolean)

It’s not a method, it’s a “virtual” property, a Computed Property.
Shouldn’t this be moved to Properties part of the manual and have its Getter and Setter listed and explained?

These are methods (which is why they can take a parameter).

Well, so does an Array(index), but ok, just rename the Computed Properties in Xojo to Methods-behaving-like-properties to make sense in the way the docs are arranged and people look for such property in the Methods part. :slight_smile: Anyway, adjust the text there to be more clear, It’s missing the Getter/Setter part. :wink:

Thanks Paul.