Documentation not showing?

Yesterday, maybe the day before I noticed my Documentation/Help page no longer shows up when I click the Help? icon. This am, it said the online doc was not available (all other internet works fine) and would I like to install the local version. I clicked Yes and still no docs come up from the Help Icon or the menu item. A Documentation page shows under the Window menu as if it were there but its not. I can Cmd+W that non showing window but it doesnt help. Anyone else see sucha. thing?

So after having chosen to install the local docs, they have never come up when you choose Help > Documentation? I that still true now? If you quit the IDE and relaunch it does that change anything?

Correct Geoff. The Help->Doc makes a “Documentaton” item in teh Window menu if I either, click the Help icon on the IDE or via the Help menu, but the window doesnt “show”. If I toggle to it in the list or by Cmd+# the IDE ‘disables’ or goes out of focus as if it was there but its not. Very strange. I do have on line docs but Im so used to opening it and Cmd+K to search its a bother not to have it.

OK, I think I may know what’s going on. I believe the Help window is open but off screen. It is possible you had another monitor or a large one, opened the Documentation window and moved it there but that monitor is no longer present? That would explain it. It should be smarter than that of course and if this turns out to be the case, we should file a bug report about it. I’m pretty sure it stores the location you last positioned that window in a preferences file somewhere but I can’t find it.

That certainly could be it. I have a super-wide but not super tall monitor on my desk that covers the whole front (like 6-8 pages worth) and my laptop. In my other location I use a huge external monitor and the laptop. It could have gotten lost between the setups. To see if it is hiding, I opened the docs and then minimized all the apps running but still no joy so it must be off these screens somewhere.

Go to Library > Preferences and find com.xojo.xojo.plist. Inside this file you will find entries for Sphinx Language Reference Top and Sphinx Language Reference Left. Change those values to something like 100 and that should put the top left corner of that window on the main screen. I have not tried this myself but logically that should work. Of course do this with the IDE not running. I’ll create an issue to make the window smarter so that it doesn’t open somewhere that is no longer visible screen space.

Above the mostly binary, it has these entries: Sphinx Language Reference Top_<0x10><0x1b> and then
Sphinx Language Reference Left_<0x10><0x19>

It also has the width and height but im not sure how to enter 100. The height and width have single hex numbers…