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Hello, need help please
It’s a very long time I use Xojo, it was about 2000 and was called RealBasic (I’m old, I know…). So, some of my project are old and code is not optimized for new Xojo release
Last week I opened a project, made some changes, correctly compiled and signed, but lot of errors everywhere because some parts of code now have different behaviour. For example:

Returns a portion of a string. The first character is numbered 1.

Middle(index As Integer, Optional length As Integer) As String
Returns a portion of a String. The first character is numbered 0.

So, my question: is there a list so I can checklist it when I correct old code?
Thanks anyone that could point me in the right direction

This is a very incomplete answer but might be occasionally helpful. I have a program that allows you to search for various commands and establish changes and replacements. However, it is limited in that it only goes back about five years.

Xojo Deprecation

The particular example that you cite is related to an entire category (Data Type: Text) that was deprecated in 2021r1. This is not addressed by my program. However, the Xojo documentation has a listing of all the Methods associated with this data type.

Text: Methods

(Data Type: String) is the replacement for Text and has its own list of Methods.

String: Methods

In any case, you can use these lists to find. understand, and replace all the “Text” commands that exist in your code.

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Maybe this helps too: Moving To API 2.0 — Xojo documentation

BTW: @Robert_Livingston that’s a really nice Tool. A big thank you for that :slight_smile: