Documentation for ones self

In July of this I reach the young age of 84. And I am finding it more difficult to remember what steps to perform after I’m done making and testing all the changes for an app update.

I am looking for something easy to learn and keep updated. Something that would have text, screen dumps, images and maybe videos. Of course an inexpensive computer application. Printing would be a nice.

Any suggestions?

Are you a Mac or a PC? For PC I’d say Word. For Mac TextEdit does everything except videos. Pages perhaps?

If you are more adventurous you could use a wiki. My bug tracker Redmine has one built in. Bitnami has prebuilt applications that you only have to install. Updating is a pain, though.

Even at 47 I have a list for doing a release. The app has a dozen build steps. But stuff like validating the signature, exporting the manual files etc. is in a list which has “do in order” at the top.

I use Evernote. Local notebooks are free, and you have a small amount if free cloud space if you need to sync between devices.

Thanks. Forgot to mention that I’m a Mac user.

I didn’t know you could put images in TextEdit. Back before OSX I use to use it all the time, in fact you could DL the source, as a example program, from Apple. Now for text I have been using BBEdit.

I had thought about Wiki as I have a Mac server. It one of those thing I have not got around to yet. Maybe I should give it a closer look.

As are most if us :wink:

I found Wiki or website are often too restricted in how you can present the info.

Try Evernote. It is free and I think you’ll like it. It integrates well with the Mac, you can even add Webpages straight from Safari.

I have lots of local Notebooks (about 40, for all kinds of things) and searches are quick and easy.

I’ve DL it and will give it a try. Thanks

Check out Clarify

Simple and fast.

[quote=216588:@Peter Fargo]Check out Clarify

Simple and fast.[/quote]
I don’t think a screenshot app is enough or a good way to keep track of multiple different pieces of information (text, webpages, links, photos, video, etc), even with some annotation.

I tried most notetaking apps (and have licenses for a few) and they all were way too limiting in what you can do.

I’m just offering an option to Jim. He asked for text, images and listing steps. Clarify fits that description exactly. It is simple to learn and has great annotation capabilities. YMMV

Thanks. I’m taking a look see.