Documentation for Ancient Versions?

Are PDFs of documentation for ancient versions available anymore anywhere?
On an old machine, I have Real Studio 2011 R3 but no docs. There are the internal docs, but the software doesn’t want to run on the machine anymore, so I can’t access them. Plus, it’s difficult to print from the app’s built-in help anyway. A PDF would be handy. Mainly, I am looking for the Language Reference and system requirements for running/deploying.
I’m looking at using Real Studio 2011 R4.3 which, judging by the date, should run under Mac OS X 10.6.8. But would like to be able to get the PDF docs for that if available anywhere. And, hopefully, whatever problem I’m having with R3 will be resolved with R4.3.
The online documentation appears to stop at 2013 R1.
I’m currently using Xojo 2018 R3 to create an app to run under Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan and I just had the crazy idea that I might see if I could adapt/recreate it in an older version so I can have it run under Snow Leopard as well.

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Just click the question mark icon on top of the IDE.

I would, if the IDE would open which it won’t. (Crashes each time.)