Documentation Bookmarks Missing?

Maybe I’m missing something but I noticed that the documentation released with v4.1 does not have bookmarks. Kinda hard to get around without it. Can this get re-done?


Which documentation - the built in LR or the PDF’s or ???

I presume you mean the sidebar table of contents in the PDF? These were not added to the r4 PDFs since the table of contents is now included in each PDF. For the next release, I’ll see about adding them back for navigation.

In the meantime, you can use the iBooks versions on OS X 10.9 or an iPad, which has an interactive ToC. Or you can manually add a ToC using a tool like PDFPen.

Yes, I’m talking about the PDF docs. I use a Mac Pro desktop for most of my work and it is limited to the 10.7.5 OS so I can’t use iBooks there. I do have the full version of Acrobat and normally I can choose “New Bookmarks From Structure…” to build the bookmarks but that option is disabled for this document. First time I’ve ever seen that.

I have an iPad2 and there’s no bookmarks in iBooks on it. I get a scrolling list of pages at the bottom that are so small I couldn’t read them with a magnifying glass. I can get a display of readable thumbnails but that is really awkward to work with. For example, I took in the RB Scripting seminar yesterday and would just like to jump to that but there’s no way to do that.

I have a new MacBook with 10.9.1 and I can’t do anything with bookmarks in Acrobat Pro either as described above. When I try to open the doc in iBooks it will launch Acrobat everytime and open it there. I don’t see where to change this default behavior? I’m sure I can but I’d rather just have the bookmarks and be able to read the docs on my iPad and desktop.

Duane - you need iBooks versions of the docs. You have to download them from the iBooks Store.

Thanks! I knew I saw some well organized bookmarks in the webinar yesterday. Nice! That will do it for the iBooks version. I can mostly work with my iPad next to me except when I’m watching TV on Aereo or Netflix streaming. So having a nice Acrobat pdf would be good too.

The books downloaded from the iBooks store are not the current docs. The pub date is July 2013. The docs that come with v4.1 are newer. Since I attended the IDE Scripting webinar on Tuesday that’s the first place I went and there’s a big difference between the two versions. I just searched again and I still get the obsolete versions. Maybe I’m not looking in the right place? ? ?

This is just as bad. Obsolete, no TOC.

Please get version “2013 Release 4” of the Xojo documentation online and with Acrobat PDF compatible TOC. I have no idea what is contained in any of these docs without a TOC. I’ve got to take wild guesses at where what I’m looking for might be. That’s nuts.

The User Guide for Release 4 was uploaded to the iBookstore last month. It is still in review and waiting approval by Apple. You’ll continue to see the Release 3 docs until Apple publishes the new versions.

The direct links for the iBooks versions contain the 2013 Release 4 versions, which have a navigable table of contents.

The PDF versions of the User Guide all contain a table of contents (in the Preface section), so you can see certainly see what is in the docs. As I previously stated, the “sidebar” ToC for Navigation will be added back for 2014r1. The ToC is also available in the wiki for each book.

I understand about the iBookstore and the App Store for that matter. Always a delay and generally a significant delay.

The link you provided works and I can get them over to my iPad. Great, thanks!

Yea, I can see the TOC in the new versions but they do not show the page number for that topic. So one must still take guesses as to where the info is that one is looking for.

Looking forward to getting the sidebar navigation back.

Thanks for the help and patience.

Thank you. Nice.