Document windows in taskbar

Ive seen several posts as king how to STOP an app showing up in the taskbar/dock.
But I just noticed my document windows dont appear there… I just get an icon for the app itself.
Is there a way to make the documents appear in the dock so that the user can switch between them, in the same way that (for example) Safari or Chrome do?

Hi Jeff,

I do not know, but remember that cmd-`allows you to go to the next window within your application (just like Cmd-Tab allows you to do through the running applications): very handly.

It may be worth some lines in the documentation.

How do you mean? New windows that get minimized should be showing up in the dock.

Thanks Tim.
Yes, like that.
My windows are document windows (Type: Document , Super: Window and they dont appear lined up like that.
I have been looking for a ‘dont show in the dock’ attribute but cant find one.

They are listed as open windows when I ctrl-click my app icon in the dock.
But the only way I can get the effect your shot shows is to launch (n) applications, not one app with windows

How is your app generating the new windows?
This test app is literally a window with a button that creates a new window and I minimized them all.

Sub Action yada yada dim w as new winMain End Sub

Exactly that. :frowning:

Where do they go when you minimize them?
What does your dock look like when that happens?

So they only appear as dock icons when minimised, right next to the Trash
You would imagine after all this time using a Mac I would have known this.
Thatll do me, thanks Tim.

(sneaks off quietly…)