Document window without MenuBar

In a project using SQLite, I have a main Table and two Service Tables (with only one Record).

I noticed recently that these (only one of both Tables ?) have three or found Records in it. I located the error (on OS X only, I presume) when I quit (cmd-q) while the information window is displayed: the application crash in the IDE.

I took a bit of time to try to understand why I can quit the application at a bad time (instead of searching why a record is added where it is not due) and I found that strange situation:

The window kind is Document, does not have a Quit button and does not have a MenuBar !

Against all odds, adding a FileQuit MenuHandler to that window (with only Return True) does the trick.

El Capitan
Xojo 2015r1+ Xojo 2016r3


What version of the Xojo IDE is this?

Found with Xojo 2015r1and tested with Xojo 2016r3 before creating this conversation.

I do not checked with Windows (nor Linux), but I believe by default, the Exit menu item does not have a shortcut, so this cannot happens. Then, I changed the Channel to OS X (from General) for accuracy.