down ?

Is down ?

Looks like it. Might be another maintenance thing. Don’t know.

Thanks Dirk, I was thinking that I got troubles.

That’s a sign…!! Do something else! Have a break!
Leave the computer!
Get inspiration and progress in the project off-screen!! :slight_smile:

You must have Plan-B when technology pause!! :slight_smile:


hjlpa !

More seriously Even the [LOCAL] help into xojo returns me nothing !

And for once I was fluently programming !

[quote=171706:@Jakob Krabbe]Do something else! Have a break!
Leave the computer![/quote]

… or just change your IDE options to use offline docs ! :slight_smile:

Chris: it does not works ! (offline docs)

BTW: it now works !

I may have time to write a ‘file download’ method and test it before lunch time.

Strange… It worked for me

shao sean: nice site !

Since there is no autocomplete, I may have typed an unknow word and I do not get error answer, so, I supposed Xojo had troubles ?

I do not know.

Thanks all.

Out hosting provider is doing some maintenance this morning. This outage is expected.

It might be nice if the expected outage is also communicated to us, so we don’t have to worry about it.

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It wasn’t expected. All of our servers were rebooted in the last 8 hours, and all but one were offline for ~2 minutes.

[quote=171731:@Markus Winter]For i as integer = 1 to 10 shakeHead Next[/quote]
Gimme a break Markus. I answered this before I even got to my desk.

FWIW, the server is not inaccessible from everywhere. For instance, it can currently be reached from Chicago and London, but not Dallas. I’ve rebooted the server just to be safe, and it appears to be working just fine.

To be honest, i’m not sure why you guys do “worry about it.” Even before I was an employee of this company, it always surprised me that within a few minutes of one of the servers being offline, there was a flood of emails on and posts on the forum, asking if we’d gone out of business.

Servers have to be rebooted periodically. It’s a fact of life in the world we live in. The fact is that sometimes they don’t come back up without a little human intervention and that’s what the docs server needed today.

Human nature I guess.
Trust me, I wasn’t worrying about you guys being out of business or anything. I do know that if we have expected outages, we do warn our customers that there might be a disruption of service. The docs not being available is also a disruption of service. What we don’t know is whether it is part of normal maintenance or not. Since we also don’t know if it is a wide spread problem (for instance down for everyone, or just from europe, or…) I personally prefer to let you guys know that there is a problem on our end. That way you know some people might have a problem and you can have a look at it.
Sometimes we have stuff like that happen for our company too. For instance our nagios instance in Paris says all our servers are available, whilst our nagios instance in London says that some servers have a problem. It’s the nature of the internet that routing is not the same for everyone and therefore I think it is best for us to give you notice when we see a problem on our end.

PS: It is appreciated more than words can say that you guys read the info here and respond to it (even before you got to your desk).