Docs on ControlSet and focusnext

Is there documentation or explanation on ControlSet and Window.focusNext and Previous?

There is not much for these beyond what is in the Language Reference:

Did you have specific questions?

Grumble. When I do a search, it doesn’t show either as ControlSet or Control Set. I even pulled back to home. I could find it but…
The index isn’t part of the search.
No. I posted a question in getting started, but there was no documentation mentioned, and I think they changed the term from Control Array to set, and there doesn’t seem to be support for my memory.
I went and looked at control.index and control set but it doesn’t show in a search until I use quotes. Didn’t know I had to do that.
Just Grumble.

Control Arrays were renamed to Control Sets when Xojo was first released to eliminate the confusion caused by the fact that Control Arrays were never actually arrays and don’t work like arrays.

I’ve added a redirect to the Language Reference so that a search for “Control Sets” now takes you to the table of contents for User Guide Book 2: User Interface.

Thanks. that was easy.
Should I post a feedback about focusnext and index. It might need a review for what I propose. There need to be examples, such as using Tab to get to the next.

What sort of example do you need? What was it you were trying to do?

It’s just that it’s not obvious in index, what one needs to use to set the focus. I have another posting ongoing about not using index. There should be an example in index of using focusnext and references to the window events. Thankyou

FocusNext should have nothing to do with index or controlset. Have you set the tab order for all the controls on the window?