Docs are looking better!

The new docs are looking the best they’ve been since RB 4.5 printed matter :).

Thanks to Brad for turning off hyphenation in the Into book - it’s a lot easier to read now.

I’m also enjoying the new docs. Since working through them, I’ve changed my thoughts a lot on how to design RB/Xojo applications.

Old Dog (me) - New Tricks (Brad’s book). Got a few changes coming in my app design. It’s always good to reinvigorate and learn new “stuff”.

Looking forward to reading through Brad’s book, have it on my iPad but haven’t had time yet. I would still absolutely love a book like Matt Neuburg’s old relic, something meaty and detailed and less like technical documentation which just happened to be made into a book (perhaps Brad’s is like that, don’t know yet). Neuburg’s ancient book is by far my favorite programming book of all time and I read it again recently (you couldn’t recommend it newbies nowadays of course, as it’s so far out of date)

Brad and I are having discussions about an intermediate/advanced book.

Just don’t forget - turn off hy-