I’ve started using Dockview . A Mac util from the maker of Dash. Nice dock add on to help manage multiple windows/apps.

Check it out.

Notice to the left of the price…

“DockView has been discontinued”

I noticed that after I posted - I’ve emailed the developer about that, find out the state of play - works well on Mavericks though.

Seems there is another product - Hyperdock which seems to do much the same thing. This style of app is already proving very useful to me!

I have used Hyperdock for a few years - it’s cool!

One thing Dockview does that HyperDock doesn’t seem to is show open windows when you [Cmd]+[Tab] through apps

You may have an opportunity to create your own app, here :wink:

Yep - dockview has indeed been discontinued :frowning:

Create my own app? hmmm, something to think about

Seems low demand had something to do with the discontinuation - so maybe I won’t build my own app :slight_smile:

I switched from DockView to HyperDock. The latter is more stable and has more features anyway. For example, if I am in Space 3, I can point at a window in another Space, press 3, and it will pop into my Space. Very handy.

Maybe but HyperDock not showing open windows on [Cmd]+[Tab] make it slightly less useful to me.