Do you know an application with Icons in its MenuItems ?

Do you know an application with Icons in its MenuItems under Windows (XP / 10) ?

I add some to an application, but I found the Icons are too (far too) near to the MenuItem Name (text).

So, I wanted to check what others have done.

Ideas ?
(better: names ?)

@Emile Schwarz - I had the same experience so decided not to have icons in the (context)menu’s .

These days, its all minimalist the space to the left of the menu is usually reserved for checkboxes and alike especially with UWP apps or those trying to look like them.

I cant really quote you many apps as I’ve just rebuilt my PC and I’m quietly putting apps back on. Its not done so much now but most the MS Office suite has icons on menus.

From memory of old UI design, and this is going back to the old days so I may be wrong, a menu item would have an icon IF and only IF it has a toolbar icon. So if you had a toolbar at the top of your app that had say Cut, Copy, Paste, you would see those same icons on the menus so you would know that there was a quicker way of doing that action by using the menus.

You’ll notice that windows has a few, if you right click on your desktop you’ll see Display Settings and Personalize have them, they correspond to the same icons that are on the Control Panel and hark back to the similar reference in my previous paragraph. Its an association thing, so you know that clicking this on the menu is going to do the same thing as clicking it inside the Control Panel.

Honestly, I wouldnt really do it now, clean is king, until the fad changes in another few years :wink:

I have an old stat program that has them. It’s visually distracting in my opinion.

If the UWP evolution continues, menus may very well go altogether…

For the menus: I do not know UWP, but I already saw applications without MenuBar.

Firefox windows already lost their title bar.

Safari (by default) does not even display the URL field ?

Nota: I do not say if this is good or evil.