Do you have support for iOS?

Do you have support for iOS?


Well they said December and it’s December. Would be nice to have some info about a Dec release.

Dec 2014? :wink:

I have several projects in The queue, which only expect the iOS release of XOJO.

I cant waiting!!!

You should join the Beta list. You’ll have a lot more information about the status of the product.

How could I join?

Upgrade to Pro

I only need webapps^^ so I only have this one licence
And: I only need the Information when the iOS-Support starts^^

Do you seriously need to be Pro to be a Beta tester now? I didn’t realize this changed. I just knew we all were bumped out and I never bothered to try to get back in,

That’s correct. It’s been that way since the release of Xojo :slight_smile:

so do you have a simple answer? When is the iOS support released?

Buying all licences is no option for me. I really only need WebApps. Other Crossplattform programms I write in C#.

[quote=51897:@Lars Lehmann]so do you have a simple answer? When is the iOS support released?
We don’t pre announce release dates

I don’t believe there is an announced release date. All the fun is in the waiting and they don’t like to spoil it for us. You don’t want to know what you are getting for christmas now do you?

Edit - Sorry norman beat me to it

Lars, It’s a big project. They’ve been working on it for some time, and showing progress to various people at various times. Using Web Edition and Cocoa as recent reference cases… When it does come out, it will pretty nifty, but a lot of us may wait a release cycle or two before it’s just right for the projects we want to do. In the meantime, Web Edition is great for all sorts of mobile apps for iOS and Android, and doesn’t require Apple’s permission to deploy.

no problem! I understand if it’s not possible to define a date! And I have great respect for such a big project.

At the moment I develop webapps, but I miss the oportunity to run apps in offline-mode.

Thanks boys!!!

They’ve just updated their FAQ.

Q: Do you have support for iOS?

I think that’s called “cheating”
Here’s their code behind : “iOS support will be available in” + currentDate.Year + 1

Obviously not, that would cause a type mismatch error.

So, if you are a newbie but buy a Pro license, you are qualified to be a tester ?

BTW: me too, I do not try to be a tester since the end of March (2013) I took a 24 months license,