Do Xojo Web apps need internet

Do Xojo Web apps need an internet connection to work on an Android? Or can they work “offline”?

if you browse to a website, you’d need internet right?

Xojo web is the same for this. Unless you can have it on the localhost (i.e. on Windows, Mac, Linux).
For android this is not possible.

There’s no reason it wouldn’t work on your LAN.

They can’t work “offline”, too much is done at the server end.

I’m looking for HTML5 apps that work offline. Sounds like Xojo doesn’t create such apps, apparently, unlike some other HTML5 app generators, I understand.

How about a console server app? Can that work via a wifi dongle to connect to a andriod or ios device?

HTML by itself or in combination with JavaScript can execute locally as long as there is a browser. However, it is a completely different purpose than Xojo Web apps.

For simple apps, HTML5+JavaScript can do. But for database apps, for instance, that will not be enough.

If what you want to do is an Android app that can potentially be placed in the Play Store and provide elaborate features, you may want to look into languages that can tap into the native power of Android, such as B4A.

That said, Android devices are extremely adept at communication, and a Xojo Web App can provide the same service to any device that has a browser : Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux …

[quote=220063:@Derk Jochems]if you browse to a website, you’d need internet right?

Not at all.

A LAN is certainly not the internet and I have my web app deployed on LANs with no connection to the internet.

Xojo Webapp cannot run locally on a Android device.

They can run locally on a computer with OSX, Linux or Windows.