Do MenuItem have a Backdrop Property ?

I miswrote the line: Clip.Picture = Me.Backdrop (read the event handler below) and was amazed because I do not get my image (the image I can see in my Canvas in front of my eyes.

After some minutes I realized my mistake. I corrected it, but now I am asking myself (and now you):

Is there’s a Backdrop property in a MenuHandler * ?

Nota: the code was running fine (no error at compile, etc. time).

[code]Function EditCopy() As Boolean
// Copy the selected image
Dim Clip As New Clipboard

Clip.Picture = Me.Backdrop // Have to be cCover.Backdrop

// Handled
Return True
End Function[/code]

Xojo 2015r1, checked with Xojo 2018r4 / El Capitan.

  • I do not saw one, but…

‘Me’ refers to a control when it is used in an event
Here, it is likely to be the WINDOW which is handling the EditCopy event.
So Me may have a backdrop, but it is unlikely.

You know this… your code already has cCover.Backdrop commented out.
What other object’s backdrop do you want to use?

Also, in the code above, what is New_Clip ?

I copied the final code, so I commented the correct part.

An error, I corrected it now.

Sorry for the errors.

You are right, my window (too bad) do not had a defined Backdrop.

No Feedback report to write…


Have a nice new year.