Do I complain too frequently?

A couple conversations this week lead me to realize that all my posts here draw attention to difficulties I experience programming with Xojo. Some are clearly my mistakes while others are limitations or even Xojo bugs.

I’ve been developing iOS almost exclusively this year, and I am happy to say that I have had zero show-stoppers. I’ve made a few compromises that one could say are Xojo limitations, but when I’ve googled how to overcome, I’ve found countless instances of people using other development environments who struggle with the same issues.

Bottom line for me is that I’m using Xojo, quite successfully, to get the job done. My customers are happy with both the functionality, quality, and development speed. Most importantly, I am enjoying developing now more than ever.

So if I sound like I’m complaining too much, or that I’m finding too many challenges, that’s may be simply due to the nature of a forum like this: somewhere to find solutions to problems.

I’m positive many others share my perspective.

From Cross Basic to Real Basic to Real Studio and now Xojo, I have built my career on the foundation of what I can do with Xojo, so thank you to the Xojo team for the phenomenal product, and thank you to this community for the overwhelming support.


Really: don’t worry. We all struggle with things. And no, I hadn’t noticed.


You may be one of the top Xojo for iOS users here.


To be honest Chris your questions have helped me understand more about the development process on iOS so personally I’ve found them useful.


Your posts have and will help many ios users, Keep it up!


Thanks for the responses, all.
Bottom line, this community of users, along with Xojo, is something pretty incredible.


Well, you are actually helping both Xojo and all of us (collectively) to understand another way of seeing things.

“Complaints” can actually result in very useful information being conveyed… folks just need to have an open mind and open heart to make use of communication alleged to be “complaints.”

Thank you VERY much for your continued service to the forums and for helping Xojo understand how customers who think like you are processing their experiences.

I hope my own twopence proffered on this forum helps someone gain understanding or learn something new!

:pray: :sunflower:


Same here, albeit almost exclusively for desktop.


Sure! 95% of my posts are complaints, but I really try hard to focus on suggesting solutions to the problems I see.

“People are generally good and trying to do the best they can” is a good starting point, and also remembing that we are all in this together with a common goal, of improving Xojo and our apps.

Also, sometimes identifying a common enemy is useful - I’m very upset at Apple and their swtich to yearly OS releases with (expletive deleted - poor) QA. I have had to do major revisons of my apps due to Apple’s changes (which are often arbitrary, capricious, and with zero documentation) and I’m sure Xojo has been feeling the strain too.

Stupidly, I believed it when Microsoft said “Windows 10 is the last version of windows” and now I’m mad at them for Windows 11.

I’m not saying Xojo is perfect. Just that it’s helpful to keep in mind our individual and shared goals.


There would be no reason to post if everything was going swimmingly without any questions :wink: I have to keep that in mind with my own support boards and lists for software. The people who are using it successfully rarely post. It’s only those with questions that show up so you start to feel like it’s only issues. But it isn’t!

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