DMG Signer error

I am trying to use App Wrapper’s DMG Signer under Catalina, and I get a red [An error occurred], although I selected the right Web signing certificate (Good).

What gives ?

What does the log say?

Is it already mounted?

No, the DMG was not mounted. There seems to be no log. I will verify that tomorrow, now.

Neither DMGCanvas or DMGSigner work under Mojave :confused:

You have to do some tricky clicking in the current version to get a contextual menu to show up, but once you do there’s a “View Log” option.

Thanks, Tim. I will try that tomorrow.

Just saw this; I’ll take a look under Catalina as soon as I can.

There’s a new release of DMGCanvas (version 3.0) that should work on Mojave, it includes fixes for Catalina and should be able to code sign .dmgs and notarize them, though I haven’t had a chance to test those features yet.

DMGcanvas 3 works fine in Mojave and Catalina.
I haven’t tried AppWrapper in Catalina though.

I am referring to DMG 3. For some reason, notarizing fails, it reports not being able to upload to Apple.

DMGCanvas 3 does work with notarising here.

I wish it did here :confused:

I am sorry I haven’t been able to get around to investigating this, I should be able too this weekend. In the mean time, can you try dragging your DMG into the “Notarizer” window of App Wrapper, if it’s not signed, you should be able to sign it there and then.

Just a random thought, does it have anything to do with the + in your disk image name? Have you tried signing a disk image without special characters?

When I try to notarise a dmg by d-d into the notariser window, I get this error:

The username is not a member of the provider . Contact your team admin for assistance. (1296)

(I replaced my AppleID with the fake email address). This is under Mojave.latest.

[quote=455537:@Tim Streater]When I try to notarise a dmg by d-d into the notariser window, I get this error:

I think this was caused by my use of a mixture of AppleIDs. I think I’m now using just the one AppleID, but it’s hard to be sure. Notarisation still fails, but apparently this is because the dmg contents don’t match the extension. Perhaps I’ll use a zip file instead.

Just went to startup up my second machine in Catalina to test this, and recalled that the stupid USB/HDMI dongle died the other night (half way through a movie). So I have no way to connect my external SSD to this machine until I purchased another frigging dongle.

This is updating Macintosh OS and then the HDMI output no longer works as expected?
Me, noticed that in the past a few times.

But completely dying is new to me.

My apologizes for not being clear; it wasn’t Catalina that killed the dongle (at least I hope not), the machine was running macOS 10.10 at the time and playing back Netflix to the TV (via HDMI). It crapped out halfway through. The dongle died (my guess is something inside that molded plastic turd overheated and took the entire thing with it), it was a combined USB/HDMI dongle branded by Apple.

So now I can’t connect anything (except a GoPro and the power brick) to this machine until I buy another disposable dongle, and Catalina is on my external drive of different macOS versions.