DLLs that need mandatory customers upgrade when upgrading Xojo IDE and need to distribute a new EXE upgraded file

I am testing the new 2024r2 version.
Some of my clients are using apps compiled for Win 32 with Xojo IDE 2023r4.
I replace the old EXE file with the new one and I only update XojoGUIFramework32.dll, and at least in the first runs everything works fine.
I noticed that some other dlls, for example Appearance Pak.dll or Crypto.dll are in the new distribution, of same file size than in the old one, but the version of that dlls changed from to
I supposed that it would a good practice to update all dlls in customers PC. But if not, could be any future incompatibility ?
Any could say me which dlls need mandatory update/upgrade and which not ?

You should always install all the DLL’s no matter what.