DLL Question


I have been using DLLs successfully with Xojo for quite awhile but have run into an issue in which a particular DLL has an internal exception and it stops returning data and I do not have the source code for it. It has this exception after X calls to it. The only way to get around the issue is to restart my app. Is there a way to “unload” the dll and restart it? I am not sure if doing a soft declare vs a standard declare would have any effect. Any help would be appreciated.


you could actually use even lower level calls to LoadLibrary etc on Windows to load the DLL
at that point though youre not using declares to access the DLL any more and will likely have to use other Windows API functions to access the exposed methods in it

Hi Norman. Ok that sounds a bit above my skill level but I will look into it. Thanks

I wrote a custom loader using LoadLibrary/FreeLibrary a few years ago which should give you some ideas at least. https://github.com/charonn0/RB-Arity