Distributed Database;

I am sitting here with another colleague in the office of a northern Germany tiny car producer while the rest of the colleagues is at home office not reaching the internal net via tunnel as there are too many of them…

Positive: the internal network is far better than ever before;-)

What I am thinking about for some months is to get rid of the central database and to use a distributed database with sending forth and back SQLite files.
I guess the synchronizing could be a nightmare.
So, I would have many sqlite files per user (GDPR and encrpytion needed!) and would have one client collecting those files and the data in those files.
I could get completely rid of the server database and the hole bureaucracy maintaining server databases.
File exchange would be done via network share (ok, one server needed;-).
Not to mention backup; must also be spread somehow.

Anyone have ideas, clues experience with distributed databases (without any database server)?

Keep well everyone!

I’ve not tried it but replacing standard SQLite with LiteSync might help (you would need the MBS SQL plugin though).