Distancing from BASIC dialect?

I’ve been noticing commands/keywords that were equal to VB6 are now deprecated and replaced with different ones with the same functionality.
Is this distancing from Basic dialects intentional or random ?

For example instr that was universal in all basic languages now is replaced with source.indexof .

Don’t they call that API2 ?

I would change the product name since this does not look like BASIC to me. But no one ask me, so…

They replaced .Text with .Value; Open Event —> Opening !!! Go figure.



Xojo inc. can change commands/keywords as much as they want; however, the Xojo language will always remain a (very powerful) BASIC dialect.

Nevertheless, with the right skills and talents, very versatile applications are possible with Xojo. Better a well-designed BASIC/Xojo application than a poorly designed one in another language.

I forgot to mention that despite from time to time I criticize Xojo, I love to use it and am happy with it.


The example of indexOf versus instr is because in API 2.00, this is zero based, as opposed to instr which is one based.

All similar commands in API 2.00 are zero based.

The idea behind API 2.00 is to have exactly the same language for all supported platforms: desktop, mobile, and web.

I don’t necessarily agree with the new syntax, but overall it is not that different from good old Basic. Sure, var instead of Dim has some Java flavor, but it does not change much the syntax.

Better even, API 1.00 compatibility remains, so if you have older sources, they should run just fine.

By the way, Basic is not that much of a unique and unchanged language. From AppleSoft Basic, Microsoft GWBasic and IBM Basica, to ZBasic, Visual Basic (VB6), Visual Basic (.Net), Basic4Android, B4i, and dozen others along the way, Xojo is far from being alone in a very large family of Basic inspired languages.

Amazingly enough, Java for instance has a lot of similarity with Basic. So does JavaScript.

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They already did. It hasn’t been REALbasic in a long time.


It was more irony than anything.

But API2 do not appears in 2013 like Xojo.

I never undestand the rename concept… all you get is an open door to mistakes.

Think about Istambul (est. 1930) whose name was… Byzantium, Constantinople… and was Christian land and is Turkish since 400 years ago…

We also had name changes in France (Paris [5th century] was Lutece [3rd century BCE])… but all others are far less known.

Troyan wars were in Greek Land. What is the actual name of that country nowadays ? Turkish…

What is Sri-Lanka (est. 1972) ? Ceylon (Tea of…) ! That was the last name change I heard about before API2 :japanese_ogre:

Having fun with name changes…

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

I understand that the previous terms and commands which were changed were mostly a mess with strange abbreviations and conflicting and potentially confusing meanings for someone who wasn’t working with it every day. I was working with it every day and so I know all those things. Changing to all 0 based indexes and 1 based counts is a valid improvement. Changing the names to be more consistent seems like trying to make it easier to learn in the first place while only vaguely inconveniencing those of us who have been in here since before day 1. It really doesn’t doesn’t matter but it does slow me down on new projects and it is a minor annoyance that I encounter many dozens of times a day when starting up a new API2 project so I feel that. If I had spend as much time just using it as I have spent here complaining about it I’d not be feeling as much of that frustration :wink:


The odd thing is that Xojo STILL push the product like this:

I should be clear: I love Xojo. I built my business around it.
It’s much better than VB was.
But it would probably have thousands more users if VB people could have opened a project, tweaked a couple of things, and hit ‘run’

One of the core ideas behind RB/RS/Xojo has been to fully support both the “citizen programmers” and the “highly experienced developers”. No other product I’m familiar with has done such an excellent job.

BTW one of the reasons I’ve stuck with Xojo for so many years, myself, is that “I hate curly braces”. I don’t really know why for sure. Maybe it’s just my OCD. But I do believe quite a few of us here feel the same way.


This may relate to VB.NET, not the classical Visual Basic.

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