Displaying the x and y axis on a canvas

Hallo everybody,

I want to displaying a line diagram on my canvas. It was easy to draw the lines on the canvas but I don´t understand how to display the x and y axis. I read that you need the CDXYChartMBS item but this is a unknown item for XOJO. Do I have to install a plugin or do I something other wrong. And if I have to install any plugin how can I do this?

Thanks for your support

That is part of the MBS suite, you’ll need to install that & possibly other MBS plugins to get it working.

A line diagram is just that a bunch of lines…

Line make up the X-Axis, Line makes up the Y-Axis, lines make up the Grid, lines make up the data lines…
Do you “need” a 3rd party plugin (paid or free) to draw a chart? No… it might make it easier, but it not required