Displaying eBook in Xojo

I’d like to display mobi, epub, PDF, etc., in my Xojo app. I find absolutely zilch on the 'net about Xojo+eBook integrations. Is there no way to do this at the moment?

Who is willing to build me a library to handle this (for money)?

Thank you!

Which platform? PDF shouldn’t be problem. epub is basically html. mobi is proprietary AFAIK so you may need to reverse engineer the format.

All platforms, preferably. I guess I’ll just use PDF and epub.

@Beatrix Willius you are right. EPUB is compressed file with a bunch of HTML (strict subset of HTML). MOBI is a proprietary binary format that AMAZON bought years ago. they “extended” it and make the new Amazon format (cant remember the extension, something like AZW?).

years ago before EPUB3 came out I wrote a module for a client that created EPUB2 files from HTML/CSS that it generated. EPUB3 just has more functionality than EPUB2. Anything that can read EPUB3 will do EPUB2. And I dont know a reader today that doesnt do EPUB3 as it has been out for years.

Yes, epub is zip archive. Note that the default zip (unarchiver) on macOS does not unarchive the files.

Change the extesion to cbz and use The Unarchiver to unpack the epub files.

After that, it is up to you (what to do with the files).

Mobi : https://wiki.mobileread.com/wiki/KF8