Displaying content from the internet

I’m looking to create something similar to how SIRI operates. For example, if I enter “Houston Rockets”, I would like to have the scores and previous games displayed. Is there any way I can do this? Maybe with HTTPSocket?

Siri is the result of decades of research and development by entire teams of top notch engineers. Frankly this is probably out of reach.

Maybe something like https://api.ai/

i’ll check it out. thanks

Hey Marcus, I’m going to assume you don’t actually mean a Siri clone, as that would be nuts. If you really mean that you’d like to build an app to retrieve very specific information from the net then you could certainly do that. And yes, HTTPSocket would likely be involved.

I recommend a viewing of the following webinar which might get you off and running - http://developer.xojo.com/webinar-accessing-3rd-party-web-services

Good luck!