Displaying app version

I have tried to implement the two methods given in this thread.
I am not able to figure out how to display the version info in the app.

The getAppVersion method using declares in that thread definitely works. Just make sure you create a constant FoundationLib = Foundation.Framework.

Alternatively add my iOSKit to your project and then call the getAppVersion method in the Extensions module there.


Is there a trick to using the Declare? I am not getting anything trying either Jason’s implementation or Michel’s

Dim Version as Text Version=getAppVersion()

Returns Blank?

Pulled up Jason’s example app and I see my problem. This is only going to pull in the value from Short Version. Is there anyway to get it to pull in App.Major App.Minor App.Bug App.NonRelease?

I keep answering my own questions. :slight_smile: I implemented Antonio’s build script! Works just like I needed. For those wondering Antonio’s build script is described in the link from the OP.