Display Records where the Dates are today or sometimes in the future

Xojo 2015r1
El Capitan (development), Windows10 (running).

I may be walking beside my shoes, but I cannot achieve this simple task.

Because I have some other requirements (not just the date), I use SELECT * FROM <table_name>.
Then in the While Not RS.EOF loop, I filter and display the needed entries from the Record (First Name, Last Name, Meeting_Date, etc.).

I was not able to detect if a Date was set (or not). In the test db, the only record does not have a date. :wink:

aDate = RS.Field(“cDateRV”).DateValue

if rs.field("cDateRV").value <> nil then .........

Try examining the .StringValue
If there is no date, this is likely to be “”

@Luciano: that is the part I forgot !

@Jeff: this is also the way to go (and I forgot that my “date” holds the hour and minutes #s; no seconds). I have to deal with the string value and check my date atoms.

Thank you both.

Nota: I typed this from my Windows 10 laptop and I feel like a disabled person (where is the @ character ?, the # character, the …) and this is just with Firefox !

Edit: typo.

Something like this?

SELECT * FROM <tablename> WHERE <mydatefield> IS NOT NULL AND <mydatefield> >= datetime('now','localtime');

all the more reason to store date/time values as STRINGS and use the SQLDATE and SQLDATETIME formats to do so