Display Issue - Is this normal?

I have a window with a dark back color (I changed it to hideous orange to illustrate what I am seeing). I also have a rectangle with a page panel on it on that some buttons. The button shading is taking the shadow color from the window’s back color, rather than the control that it is on. However, this is only the case with a page panel, not on a tab panel and not on the rectangle. This seems somewhat inconsistent.

Here is an image to illustrate what I am talking about - see the orange around the button in the center. Is this normal or correct? I will also note that if you look closely you can see a grey bar on the tab panel extend from the last tab to the right side of the tab control.


Xojo on Windows produces a Win32 app, so there will be a few quirks. So this is “normal”, but not necessarily “correct”.

Actually, I believe the problem is that controls are not transparent on Windows.