Display 'Help Tag' on mouse over to coordinate

Solved one piece for drawing circles on a Canvas over a png now onto the next.

Is there a way to have a ‘Help Tag’ pop up when the mouse is moved to (x + and - my_d/2), (y + and - my_d/2) and then disappear when the mouse is moved out of that coordinate

Do not want a MsgBox - that requires a click to remove

For clarity sake the ‘Help Tag’ or ‘Tool Tip’ needs to perform when over a circle that is defined as my_x, my_y, my_d

You won’t be able to use the system Help tag and have it appear only when in a part of the canvas. Roll your own with a small window that looks like a help tag, check your position with mousemove and show or hide the tag when in the proper area.

Roger and anyone else visiting this thread.

I just found this example

Works real good. Putting this one away in my favorites for sure