Display errors on Windows10


I have programmed an application using Xojo 2013. It works fine on Mac and older Win. But recently I noticed an issue on Windows 10: Some menue items as well as checkboxes and pulldownmenues are gray (disabled) even if they should be enabled. This includes for example “File => Open” which must be enabled all the time and does not have any enable/disable inside the code.
Before I spend money to upgrade to the latest version, I like to ask if this is a known compiler issue and the upgrade will solve this, or if it is more likely a bug in my solution. It has initially been programed 12 years ago using Real Basic.

Thanx for any suggestions.

You don’t need to.
You can download the IDE and test it for free.
And Xojo also has a money back gaurantee.

Doubt it.
Check the status of ‘autoenable’ for that menu item.
In your application ‘Enablemenuitems’ event, set it specifically to enabled = true

Thanx for the quick replies.
Do I need to add a “Enablemenuitems” eventhandler to the app? I do not use any “Enablemenuitems” eventhandler so far. If yes, all code it requires is “true” ?
Or do you mean that I have to add “EnableMenuItems()” to the app => eventhandler => open.
I’m using two different windows with it’s own menu set. Shall this eventhandler then go into Window => eventhandler => open
Many Thanx

Usually, File/Open is handled by the application.

So you add EnableMenuItems event to the app
In that, you place FileOpen.enabled = true (Assuming you can always open a new document!)
You add File/Open event handler to the app

When a window is opened, it may have its own menu, but probably will not have a handler so autoenable may not enable it.
The app will enable it instead.

Thanx Jeff for your help.
Unfortunately, EnableMenuItems does not fix the issue. Also downloading the latest IDE does not help as it does not let me build for Windows without a license. Also, cannot find any update but only new licence of Xojo…?

Menu Items can only be enabled if they have code in the MenuHandler (which you have to add manually)
And the “Free” IDE lets you RUN programs, but not compile/deploy them. This was suggested above, so you could test your code and see what it takes to make the issues you are having “go away”… at that point you can decide if you want to [quote]spend money to upgrade to the latest version,[/quote]