Display data in a grid?

Hey all,

My current project I need to display data in a grid sort of alignment so it looks nice. What do XOJO developers currently use to do this? Clicking or changing won’t be necessary, just displaying nicely and setting up to display easily. Third-party tool available? Or just modified Listbox sort of thing?

The listbox will happily act as a read-only grid.
Set the column count and start adding rows…

For desktop: The best way to do this is to use the built-in Listbox. It actually is fairly powerful once you get into it. My second choice is StyleGrid from Einhugur controls http://www.einhugur.com/index.html.

For web: Weblistbox but for things other than text (i.e. controls) we end up using a lot of WebContainer lists.

See UserGuide-UserInterface.pdf in /Documents next to your Xojo IDE executable, Listbox.