Display a message while created app is loading?

Is it possible to display a message, something like “Loading, please stand-by…” while waiting for all of the Xojo resources to load?

In most cases apps load quickly. But, if the system is slower, busy or loading from say an external USB 2 drive, it can take more time and would be nice to let the user know that it is working and loading up.

This code would likely need to be started even before the App.open event.



A tiny app (probably written in something other than Xojo)
which displays a screen ,
then launches your app and dies after (Some time) or (Some file gets created) or similar.

That’s kinda what I’ve been thinking. Something potentially cross platform, maybe QB64 which can compile to an executable. I haven’t explored that any further yet, I wanted to see if there was a Xojo solution before spending time there.