Displaced controls when dragging them from library - Windows IDE

I’m trying the Windows IDE. But when I click and drag one control from the pallet into the window canvas, they are crazy floating away from the cursor. Is this a new bug or people are living with it?

Old bug, I keep forgetting to put in a ticket for it, I don’t think one exists already. The faster you move the mouse on the drag the further you can get the control to be away from the cursor.

Same thing here on Windows system.

That’s a sales killer for first time users doing a trial. If the fist thing they do, just fails so basically at their faces, they just give up and move away.

This house exists in New Orleans, this is it from outside:

And this is inside:

Windows is the largest desktop software market by far. Needs all the love.

I guess I’m too slow because I was not able to see the problem until I tried (several times) to create the problem. I had to click and instantly move the control very fast to be able to see the control away from the cursor.

Maybe this is happening more in newer machines with Windows 10? Tested on old laptop with windows 7.

It happens ALL THE TIME. Win10, up to date in a up to date Windows notebook.

Thank you Rick.

Maybe something changed with Windows 10 that makes this problem more obvious. Anyway, it is important to report this bug.

First impression is very important. How the saying goes: “you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression”, right?

I guess many (most?) first Xojo users today use Windows 10.

I’ve noticed that the distance of the control from the mouse pointer decreases if you do things in slow motion. So, it seems something related to the locking of the “get and drag” control, that seems not based on the “mouse down” annotation of the starting x,y; but in the “mouse move”, which is absolutely wrong. Interestingly, some controls seems increase such distance more than others.

Can’t believe it’s not already reported, probably it’s there for few years. Can someone check and report it if not? I kind of gave up on reporting things there.

(https://xojo.com/issue/55830)]Feedback case 55830

I’ve gotten to the point where I just double click the control in the library and then position it on the window.

Where does it land on? This looks like a product that was launched yesterday without testing and is in alpha phase. That’s one of those things that a manager calls for a fix ASAP because it’s a sales killer. Seems that no one at Xojo uses Windows, and they should.

Just below and to the right of the currently selected control or top left if none is selected.

To be fair though I use floating palettes on a different monitor.

The problem I suspect though is that the UX people at Xojo aren’t using the lowest common denominator which would be either Windows or Linux. There is a reason why the arty people use Apple - it has been great in that environment.

I do use ALL those environments. To be true, most of the time in a Mac, but Macs are a tiny market share. There’s no valid excuse to put less efforts to make the Windows version “less perfect”.

Imagine I’m a newbie. I was presented today to a complex software, that exists for years, and I will do a trial of it.
What I do expect?
“Perfection in all the basic things; and very hard to reproduce, very few workable bugs, that I only will find when I start to use it heavily”.
So, let’s start, let me drag few controls to the desktop… :smiley:

I think you ignored my comment on the lowest common denominator.

The solution is actually quite simple. Develop on Windows and use a single canvas, so your library is on the same canvas as your layout editor so you’re drawing on one canvas only. Use separate canvases and you end up with a floating canvas containing the control that is being drawn over the layout editor and lags - the faster you move the mouse the further behind the drawing gets.

And while the solution is simple the implementation is surely not.

Hopefully one day Xojo will get a UX developer who “actually” eats their dog food.

What I am talking about is a bug only “solvable” fixing the IDE.

Meanwhile I’ve sent them the Bug report 55830

Not solving it, does not affect my performance, just my mind comfort, but affects THEIR sales performance, and software reputation. That’s what I’m talking about.