Disk Utility and 10.14.4

a few days ago I run Disk Utility on my MBP and everything was OK.

Then a few days ago I updated the machine from Mojave 10.14.3 to 10.14.4.

Today, running Disk Utility, in the details I got:

Checking the snapshot metadata
Checking snapshot 1 of 1
Checking the fsroot tree

Then, after other errors, at the end of the process:
The Disk could not be verified completely.

And I get the advice to run Disk Utility from Recovery: I did it and it says that every thing is OK.

Restart and running Disk Utility I get the same errors.

Anybody getting this kind of errors?

I have seen similar things to that on High Sierra on a APFS filesystem. ended up re-formating the drive and reloading the O/S. Not Saying that is the right course of action. my client wasnt patient enough to find a solution. after a few days of talking to support and google’ng stuff and nothing working for them, I had to go the destructive route.

98% of my filesystem related errors/issues on Macs is all around APFS. HFS+ volumes dont appear to have issues (like APFS). now my sample size is small (30-40 machines vs apple’s millions) so dont take this as the gospel. This is just what I have seen.

Yes, here too filesystem is APFS.

Yet another reason to only use 10.14 on test systems …

We also see a number of low-level filesystem issues with APFS when backing them up. Even though a few of the HFS+ stat properties have been removed from the API, Apple returns default values instead of a normally expected error when accessing them. This causes issues if you support the full bsdflags set.

APFS? Just say NO!

there are no utilities I’m aware of for APFS. (like the good old diskwarrior…)
the only method today is to restore a backup.
and don’t forget to make automatic regular backups …

Thank you all for your advices: appreciated.
My fear was the SSD was going to die.

[quote=432291:@Carlo Rubini]Thank you all for your advices: appreciated.
My fear was the SSD was going to die.[/quote]
do a quick check with DriveDX : https://binaryfruit.com/drivedx
it will tell you if your drive is dying or not.
and the demo runs for free for a week or 2.

I’ll have a try. Thanks.