Disappointed with Xdev Magazine Issue 11.5 (with poll)

I was delighted to see the new Xdev in my inbox, and looked forward to reading it on my iPad at breakfast.

However I was sorely disappointed. Reviews of Calca? iOS:Editorial? Is there ANY relevance to Xojo? They might be fine in “iPad Magazine” or as a blog post, but why would they be in Xdev? Dash I can understand - but those two? Do we read about a fancy new lawnmower next? Because that has about the same relevance.

I skimmed over “Xojo is a trip” and “Gardening with Xojo” and had to wonder: have we run out of things to talk about? Is there nothing left to be learned. Why am I buying this?

However I nearly spit out my coffee when I read “Tips to help you like the Navigator”. That is more a political opinion piece than any attempt at helping, and Brad is barely hiding the fact that his main intention is to drum up support for his feature request. I’m sure Marc is well aware of the controversy over the new Navigator, Bob’s post, and the forum discussions. So how did that ever pass the editorial process? Balanced? Impartial? Not on your life. Arrogantly written from start to finish, from “Accept it. It’s not going away. Some developers need a reality check.” to “With lingering impatience in the community, it’s a message that needs to be reinforced”. It’s the equivalent of saying: “You don’t like it? Shut up and accept it”, a dictatorial attitude that shows a total lack of respect for customers. Had RS written this then I would by now be moving to Python.

I don’t think I can even convey the feeling of disappointment I’m experiencing. I waited a few hours before writing this, to make sure I calmed down, but I have to say: if I ever read such crap again I will immediately cancel my subscription to Xdev.

A question I have is: Do people want to read about Xojo in Xdev, or about whatever new gizmo or app takes Marc’s fancy? In my opinion these things belong on his personal blog. I find it highly inappropriate and unprofessional to fill a developer magazine with it. I had written about this to Marc before but that is MY opinion, and I would be interested in hearing what others think. So I made a simple poll with two choices at


  • Articles in Xdev should be relevant to Xojo

  • I’m ok with articles about gizmos and apps in Xdev

Feel free to participate.

I’m not sure I’d be quite so vitriloic, but I do agree with your main point - I don’t know why the magazine is padded out with articles and reviews of irrelevant topics. Honestly, with all respect, if I wanted to read a review of the new iPad or a new non-developer app or piece of technology, I’ve probably already read it by the time I get xDev - or I’d at least know a lot of other places to read about it. I want xDev to be about Xojo and only Xojo or at least very related topics. Adding irrelevant reviews and articles doesn’t make me feel like I’m getting more value for money. If anything, it has the opposite effect, as I find myself flicking through multiple pages looking for items of relevant. As a non-subscriber, I’ll unfortunately not get to read Brad’s article but that at least sounds like it’s right on-topic.

Like you, I also wrote to Marc about this and when things didn’t change, I didn’t renew my subscription. I am glad the community has a magazine and all credit to Marc for keeping it going all these years but I think it needs a revamp/rethink.

I found it amusing that App Wrapper is a $99 value when part of the OmegaBundle but a few pages later it’s reported as being $49.99.

I’m easily amused.

I found myself flicking through the mag quicker than usual as it was light on programming which disappointed me too, I just got a 1 year sub as part of the Omegabundle and although I had bought most of the back issues anyway the whole collection has been a real treasure trove of information.

I have been using Realstudio for about 3 years and it is clear from what I have read in the magazines that I have done little more than scratch the surface, I want to read about the ‘simple things’, like when I buy an addon tool, how you actually ‘install and use’ it in Realstudio/XOJO. The progamming guide by Brad Rhine opened my eyes to so much more - even the simple things which I have never had a need to use such as ‘modifying existing’ controls for new behaviours.

I would like to see less about iOS though, I am an Android user and predominatly program under Windows but I do have a Mac and enjoy using it but this was purchased purely to develop an app. for the App. Store which is doing OK (well it paid for the Mac anyway).

Like you Markus I would like to see more on programming, integrating addons, for Realbasic and such like. I learnt a few things about the navigator in Xojo from the article you mention, didn’t really see it as political but despite my new found knowlege and exclusively using the new navigator in Xojo I can’t see me ever liking it.

In defence of Marc however as someone who also edits and sets out a magazine in house I know what a thankless task it is to get articles and cotributions in and then publish on time so on occasions fillers are the way to go. As with all magazines I rarely like all the articles but I would like to see a return to more programming oriented articles.

For me too, the quality should really be improved.

I believe there is a really simple explanation: Marc doesn’t get enough contribution about Xojo topics! He is working very hard to edit the mag and write articles, but he needs more authors. He’s a Xojo user but he’s not able to pull all those articles about Xojo off by himself.

So, help him by encouraging others to write for him, perhaps?

I, for instance, wrote a few ones in the past, and encouraged him to write about some of my developments, e.g. the example with the background processes. But now that I have my own blog, I rather write there.

He’s also welcome to re-post my articles in his mag, but I doubt that you want to read about them there if you can read them on my blog already, right?

I’d also be happy to assist anyone who likes to write for his mag by offering some of my works and assist the author in it. I have lots of little tools that could be used to show off several techniques. E.g, today I quickly wrote a tool that reads all the comis pages from http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0916.html, using http sockets and saving them to disk, along with a simple viewer. It can be a beginner’s article, teaching by example. I’ve got lots of those, for comparing a set of files, using the Shell, encryption, and so on. If someone has interest in both learning some tricks from me and likes to be an author, please contact me to see if I can offer something interesting to start with.

Also, many people could benefit from a series of articles about MacOSLib! There’s a lot of demand for it. Again, I’d be happy to assist when there are questions about it, and to do a technical review.

It’s a German thing :wink:

We think we are frank, others think we are exceedingly rude (just ask Thomas Tempelmann about his experiences).

We think we are being sarcastic (and the lawnmower remark was aimed straight at the photo in Marc’s garden article), others read it as vitriolic.

As a Scientist I used to work in a multi-cultural environment (all nations, all religions) and I learned you can either keep your mouth shut and stay out of everything, or just be yourself and step on somebodies toes every single time. However if you are yourself and not just “rude” selectively and discriminatingly then people will start accepting and even appreciating you for what you are - and what more could you possibly ask for?

I actually thought about suggesting this to Marc too.

As Thomas said, there are not nearly enough contributors to the magazine. I had my column and occasional articles for 5 years and I just got tired of it. Also like Thomas I have my own blog and sometimes finding relevant topics for that is sometimes a chore.

I thought the same thing. I almost wrote up a blog post to counterbalance the article. But, it’s not worth it. The author will not accept any viewpoint that differs from his own (as we’ve seen multiple times in the forums). I have neither the time nor energy to do so.

I’ve been accused of ‘whipping up the mob’ and personally delaying Xojo by 6 months because of my blog. Maybe I’m part German?

Well, you look kind of twinish to me, so who knows … :wink:

I understand and respect this point. Personally, I’d still rather have much less filler that I have to flick through. Honestly, I’d rather have a Xojo journal that was a third of the size but was all about Xojo or related development.

Funny. I went to your site expecting a rejoinder after reading it. In particular I was anticipating the response to this:

A two count?? And a slow one at that. Oh man…

I must say that while I didn’t like at all the latest issue of XDev, I’ve found an interesting brief article about the app called DASH to manage offline documentation for the programming languages and the guy that has made the Xojo docs compatible with it.

Aside from that, yes I agree that with very few interesting articles I’m not going to renew my subscription to the magazine…

Yes, edit a little magazine is a very big job. I had made ??such a long ago. It takes a lot of time. This is why I had not said anything until now. But Marc needs to know what readers really think. It may be time to rethink the concept. Articles on WE (and databases) were very superficial (Maybe this has changed over the last numbers?). I stopped my subscription earlier this year, but I’m ready to renew support for a new impetus.

It is true that this may not be easy to find contributors. Why not reduce the size of the magazine? Perhaps it would be better to focus on two or three well-constructed articles. For example, a tutorial for Xojo desktop, one for WE , one for IOS, and one for databases). The team of XOJO inc should provide an article from those.

I was even able to guess the author of the article “Tips on liking Xojo’s navigator” before reading it.


An old school buddy of mine works at a magazine as well. They always have a few articles in reserve in case they are short for an issue. And wasn’t Xdev delayed for a month this spring to realign the publishing schedule? Would have been a good time to write a few extras, visit old themes, etc. …

But to be constructive I also started a new conversation:


So have your say about what you’d like to read about in Xdev :wink:

Great interpretation of my intentions, mind reader.

With the clown comments out of the way… Bob, if you’d like to rebut me on facts stated in the article, I am more than willing to accept corrections. The thing is, not everyone agrees with your observations about the new IDE or your approach to getting improvements. The part where I won’t budge is your contention that there is agreement on these things. There isn’t. A lot of people just don’t want to get in involved in this protest garbage, yet feel that Xojo does a better job of shepherding their product than all the bloggers and commenters and Monday morning QBs.

These articles apparently take some time to write. I know mine didn’t just write itself. A couple months ago, Paul asked me to take over his WE column in xDev. You might notice that he’s spending a lot of time doing webinars. Those webinars don’t just plan, prepare, and conduct themselves either. I agreed and look forward to writing some articles that go beyond the basics of WE if Marc would like. This little article on the Navigator familiarized me with the process and formats involved. So in addition the entertainment of riling up the regular suspects, it may have laid groundwork for future articles. Hay-Oh!

BTW, you know what I absolutely love the most about this thread? It’s devolved into telling Marc how to run his business. rather than offering to actually contribute something. Some of you guys, put together as a team, would make the most amazing business consultancy in the world!!! I would appoint Markus Chairman and Bob CEO.

Comments like that are what make you so endearing to so many…

[quote=31253:@Karen Atkocius]Comments like that are what make you so endearing to so many…

Good lookin’ out, Mom.

Is anyone still taking Brad seriously? Worst troll since Kodze aka Gregory Schotanus in 2006 … anyone still remembers him?

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Btw Brad is just succeeding in pushing me closer and closer to Python …