Disappearing License Key

I don’t know what happened, but I went to build a project on a computer that was licensed only to get a message saying that I needed a license. When I checked the licenses, the field was empty, requiring me to download the license key again. Any idea why the license information would disappear like that?

I lose my license every time I toggle between working with Xojo with a VPN, and working with Xojo without a VPN. I cannot find a solution. I have to delete the license and re-download to be able to build a project.

What OS are you using ?

i think when you are working with a VPN, you have an external ip addresss that is different from the ip address without a VPN

That mostly shouldn’t matter
Its why I asked what OS he’s seeing this one but without a reply …

Oh and what version of Xojo ?

I am using Windows 7, with 2017r1.1. This has been an issue for four years. It is not that big of a problem, because I do not compile that often.