Disabling Screen saver.

Hi, I am looking at a way to turn the screen saver on a windows machine off . I have a program that needs to prompt the user at certain times, and if the screen saver is running the user wont see it.
In python I just used the win32.api setcursorpos(x,y) which moves the mouse.

I can only find read only properties for the mouse in Xojo.

? Will I have to do a soft define?

Solved I think. Used the included CPU example program.

Make a module called mousemove
add this method to it SetCursorPosition
(with these parameters
x as int32,y as Int32)

add this code
#If TargetWin32 Then
Soft Declare Sub SetCursorPos Lib “User32” ( X as int32, Y as int32 )
#EndifThis will set cursor from top left corner screen.


This will move mouse to top left corner of the screen.
Too easy!