Disable WebListBox column sort?


Is there a way to disable a weblistbox column sort? I tried this but has no effect:

For ic As Integer = 0 To (Self.ListBox1.ColumnCount - 1)  
  Self.ListBox1.ColumnSortTypeAt(ic) = WebListBox.SortTypes.Sortable
  Self.ListBox1.ColumnSortDirectionAt(ic) = WebListBox.SortDirections.None  

Any ideas?

You could return true in MouseDown when the mouse is over the header.

This is Web so that’s not an available workaround :frowning:

Right. Sorry.

@Hector_Marroquin: Is it Web 1.00 or Web 2.00 ?

Hi Hector, there’s some code in the Xojo Doc help page for WebListBox Sort Types that can help:


ListBox1.ColumnSortTypeAt(0) = WebListBox.SortTypes.UnSortable

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Hello Michel, this is web 2.0

Thanks Eric, I will look into that.

Thanks Erick! This is exactly what I was looking for