Disable many fields

i have about 10 textfields in container.
Is possible to make them all read only with loop ?,so when the user click >edit button to make them editetable ?

just disable the container

Or you may want to look into this thread if there’s other elements you want to keep enabled:

He might have other controls including the “edit” button he mentions that he doesn’t want to disable

for i as integer = 0 to myContainer.ControlCount - 1 if myContainer.Control(i) isA TextField then dim textFieldControl as TextField = TextField(myContainer.Control(i)) textFieldControl.Enabled = false end next

Thank you guys.
And as Brock say yes i have some controls that i need it enabled.

If you have to be selective about which TextFields get enabled/disabled, create a subclass and set the super of the fields you need to disable to that subclass. You can then use a modified version of Brock’s example to check for the subclass instead of TextField.