Disable line wrapping in iOSTextArea?

I suppose that it’s too much to hope for that I’m just too dense to have worked out where to turn off line wrapping in iOSTextArea, or is that simply not an option?

I looked at the UITextView class which is the native control under the IOSTextArea, and there seem to be no property to turn off wrapping, so a declare would not be possible, unless I am mistaken.

It looks as though you need to roll your own, maybe by using an iOSTextArea wider than the longest line, so it will not wrap.

See https://forum.xojo.com/18110-scrollableview?search=scroller to move a control in a more fluid fashion than by modifying constraints.

Maybe use gesture support from Stephen J. Beardslee at GitHub - sbeardsl/xojoGestures: XoJo module for attaching UIGestureRecognizers to Views to catch swipe left and right and move the iOSTextArea to scroll through the lines.

Seems doable.

Would an iostextfield not suffice? It’s a single line by default…

I believe he wants to turn off line wrap to do something like the behavior of the IDE code editor, where lines do not wrap but one can scroll horizontally.

Thanks for confirming (and for the links). And, you’re quite right; I’m looking to display the raw output from commands executed on network switches and I’d like to avoid having the lines wrap around. For now, I think that I’ll wait and hope that such a feature will be implemented.

Make sure you file a feature request in feedback.

Good point! Done!