Disable checkboxes in listbox

In a window I’m showing users of a Valentina Server in a listbox. The boolean value of a user “IsUserAdmin” is shown as a checkbox in the listbox. But the checkbox column is editable which the value of “IsUserAdmin” is not. How do I prevent that the checkbox column is editable? Or is this not possible out of the box?

Xojo 2019r3

Assign a rowpicture which looks like a tickbox,
or add code to the CellAction or some other event to set the checkbox back to the stae you know if should be.

Thanks, setting the checkbox back in CellAction worked fine.

or return true to the mousedown event of the listbox if the mouse.X is in the column of the checkbox.

In the CellClick event :

if me.ColumnType(column) = Listbox.TypeCheckbox then RETURN True end if

if column = myIsAdminColumn then RETURN True end if