Dinner for Xojo Developers


our conference in London starts next week, so I’d like to check who wants to join our dinner in on the evening before the conference and also on the evening after the conference.

We do have a table reservation for Jimmy’s Restaurant on the 26th for 7pm and will make a reservation for the 27th once we know how many will be coming.

The restaurant is located in 122, The Broadway in Wimbledon, across the road from the Antoinette hotel where the conference is being held.


These dinners are not included in the price of your conference fee, so you will need to pay for your own food (all you can eat buffet £17.99) which includes unlimited soft beverages (there is also a bar where you can purchase alcoholic drinks and cocktails).

So, do you want to join us?

26th? 27th? both evenings?
One, two or more seats?

And if you know any other Xojo developer who could join us, please tell them.

Please could you let us know by the weekend as the restaurant requires to know the number of places.


If you can’t join the conference, you may still be in London and join the dinner?

Carol and I will attend both nights. Might as well get our full geek’s worth. :slight_smile:

Same for me…

I’ll also dine both evenings!

This will be so much fun!! I hope to arrive to the hotel… at 15-16… relax at the room. Then visit the pub to try one of the pints as suggested.

Then to arrive to the restaurant in time to dine with the rest of you!
I look forward for a pleasant evening!

I would like a map of London. Where is the best place to get that!? At Heathrow…? Are there any free maps?

thanks. I put you guys on the list.

Will be quite a big group, I think.

@Jakob: Map? You really mean a paper map? 8-/

I will try out Apple Maps and their new Public Transportation feature.
But take a peek in App Store, there are several other free Offline Map Provider.

for any city map check this out




The weather forecast for London next week actually show below zero on Thursday and Friday!
I wasn’t expecting this cold weather… That makes walking more of a challenge!
I mean, I walk better with shoes made for walking than warm boots!

I must admit. I worry much for these things with the borders.
In Sweden we have both the issue with the uncontrolled flow of emigrants daily as well as potential threats from various sources…
Such as the event in Paris last week.

I was hoping time would help me… and I’m sure time will but not in this short time.
All right. Not a topic to discuss, please! Just my worries!
(I fly from Copenhagen and I bought this ticket before Friday 13.)

Current BBC forecast for Thurs / Fri / Sat shows 8c or 9c daytime and 5c at night ( wind 9 to 11 mph ) for Wimbledon.
Some rain forecast for Friday - but we’ll be indoors :slight_smile:

Still better weather than much of the Northern United States. All a matter of perspective I guess.

a little bit show gives a good atmosphere for the christmas market in Wimbledon.

And for the conference, we are indoor.

The fore cast now show 8 degrees Thursday and 11 Friday… It’ in Google and the source is not written.
It’s not Fahrenheit…! :slight_smile:

Because of the Gulf stream, Europe has a quite mild climate compared to Russia and USA, at the same distance from the equator… This includes Sweden.

I’m looking forward to the Christmas decorations as much as to the conference! :slight_smile:

We are 15 already for the dinners :slight_smile:

That’s fantastic!!!
Maybe this journey will be the best thing I’ve ever done in my whole life???

At first, you promised 6-7 people for the conference!
15 and 25 is better than 2-300 or so… because with the smaller crowd it’s also possible to speak with every person.
To get to know each other a bit!

London at Christmas!! With all decorations!!
I’m not staying at the same hotel, but for me, I don’t mind walking! I walk every day, many miles! It’s fine!

Maybe something will go wrong and not as expected!? I’m curious, what would that be!?!?
Yes! My expectations are VERY high, but I think, not at all too high!
This will be a memory for life!!

We already reserve for 16 peoples for dinner on both day at Jimmy’s