Dim Weblistbox inside app.HandleSpecialUrl

Hi, i need to dim a weblistbox inside app.HandleSpecialUrl like this

Dim lb as weblistbox
lb = New weblistbox

When we do the lb = New Weblistbox we receive the following error
“The constructor of this class if protected, and can only be called from within this class”

How i can change the constructor of weblistbox to public or other soluction please?

You can’t create a weblistbox out of thin air like that, and besides, within HandleSpecialURL there’s no session to hook it to.

Can you tell me a little more about what you are trying to accomplish?

You could place the listbox on your page with visible=false and use a boolean flag in app.HandleSpecialUrl which you read in Page.Shown which sets the listbox.visible to true.

I want to use a weblistbox in code to generate a PDF with dynapdf plugin. Because with the weblistbox i dont need to draw the table and manage the item quantity for page. And i need inside app.HandleSpecialUrl


That won’t work. You need a session and a browser for the Listbox to actually draw.