Difficulty with ComboBox while working with Xojo in Linux

Dear Community members,
I am tying to develop an application in Linux wherein I am facing a difficulty while dealing with combo box.
In development mode everything looks fine.
However, when I am running this application in debug mode then I see following issues,

  1. Frame edge disappears & I believe this may be because of combo box issue which is described in point 2.
  2. If I click on this combobox then the text field of combo box expands destroying complete layout.
    I am looking for any guidance that you can offer me in this situation.
    Additional information -
    I am using Linux Ubuntu 20.04 OS with NVIDIA GTX 960M graphic card on my Laptop.
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Can you provide an example project for it please? Otherwise I can not replicate it.

It would be nice if you would send me the xojo project as private message so I can look if this comes up at my site also and how you can come around.
Thorsten Stueker

Dear Mr. Stueker,
I have responded to you via email, hopefully you will receive my simplified project which is exhibiting reported troubled behavior of combo box.
Do let me know if you are able to find any solution for the issue.
Best Regards
Sarvesh Ambekar

Thanks I’ll tske a look at it soon