Difficulties with DesktopSearchfield

Hi all,

Mac OS Ventura (13.6), Xojo 2023r2, french language

I’m facing some difficulties with DesktopSearchField:

  • When using the UserCancelled function, that is Command-period (Command-Shift-Dot for Fr keyboard) on Mac OS, and keeping these keys pressed, the UserCancelled returns a True value (what is expected) but if the Searchfield has the focus, this field is cleared,
  • So, I’d like to manage the Pressed event fired when the Return key, the Clear button, or the Recent Searches menu (on macOS) are used. Unfortunately, I don’t find how to distinguish what action fired the Pressed Event,
  • In addition, coding a MessageBox alert for debug purpose in the Pressed event, it seems like keeping Command-period pressed does not fire this event.

So, two questions:

  • How to manage, in the Pressed event, the action firing this event, between Return key, Clear button and the Recent Searches menu?
  • How to prevent Command-period from clearing the search field?

TIA for any suggestion and help.