different results - drawing text picture/Paint(g)

I’ve run into this several times but did not get why or could find out. I have made an example showing
different results when drawing a string directly from the passing graphics and Paint event and
from a new picure.
It’s seems that the drawn text from the Paint/Graphics context is antialiased.
The one from the picture is not.

I 'm wondering about the diff. results as I expecte the same results.

Is there a fix? I am working underMac OS X.


You’re missing

p.Graphics.AntiAlias = True

in Canvas1.

don’t think so. it’s true by default for non windows platforms (see documentation).

The solution isn’t what I’ve assume and a bit more code:
Change the code in Canvas1 to the code below to get a crisp text. If someone has a shorter
solution, please post it.

dim p as new Picture(g.Width, 40)
p.Graphics.ForeColor = &cBFBFBF
p.Graphics.FillRoundRect 0,0,g.Width,40,40,40
dim s as new StringShape
s.Text = “hello”
s.TextSize = 20
s.x = p.Width/2
s.y = 20
s.HorizontalAlignment = StringShape.Alignment.Center
dim d as new Group2D
d.Append s
p.Objects = d
g.DrawPicture p,0,0

True for drawing into a Canvas. Not true for drawing into a Picture.

anyway it doesn’t change anything. If I am not right please post your code.