Different font-size on different browser


I have the Problem, that the font in my Webapp has a different size on different browser (like the titel says).

I use the style-components.

Is there a solution?

How are you setting the font size in the style?

I tried it in percent, pixel and point.

Different browsers have different default fonts and sizes. Percent will be based on the browser’s default size. When your style uses the “System” font, that will translate to the browser’s default font.

Set the font of your style to “Helvetica, …, sans-serif” and size to 16px. Be sure to remove “System” from the font list. That should be pretty consistent across browsers on the same computer. It may not be pixel for pixel exact, but should be close enough for most control arrangement. If you’re really dependent on the exact width and height of text in a WebLabel, you’ll need to have the browser send these to you asynchronously. I have some code for that in Studio Stable Web Essentials.