Different Button Types

Is there any way to create an iOSButton and pass in a different button type other than System. Eg ContactAdd, Infolight / dark etc.
I have grabbed the iosLib project and can see option to pass these into the constructor of AppleButton. Though there is no UI Control which wraps up the Apple button.
Have i missed something somewhere?

Hi Graham,
iOSLib was in urgent need of repair. You find it now under https://github.com/UBogun/Xojo-AppleLib.
There is still no custom button class, but I’ll add it next and inform you here when it’s ready.

It was easy enough to add the classes i needed to handle the different types. I have started going down the path of using the xcode interface builder to design my views and then compile the xib files and bring that into xojo. Makes designing interfaces a lot easier. I will then add some subclassed generic objects which i will attach the UIControl objects to make it easy to handle events etc. Still in early design testing phase but it looks promising. I also have CollectionViews all sorted as well :slight_smile:

Sounds great! Do you use initWithNibName? Reminds me I still didn’t test if SpriteKit loads SKS files from Xcode.

Creating a NSData object from the embedded compiled xib file. Then initing NSNib with nibWithData and then finally instantiating it to get the array of root level views (passing in the xojo view controller handle as the owner.

Thx! Btw, did you manage to get all button types? Both Info symbols seem to be the same, and instead of the disclosure sign the info symbol is drawn again in my classes …?!

There seemed to be some overlap of how they render. Not sure if it depends where button is being rendered (eg in a table cell).

So you experienced the same? Guess I’ll stop my bug hunt then :smiley: